Navigating Success: Mastering ROI with Precision Lead Tracking in Real Estate

Dec 07, 2023

In the world of real estate, understanding where you've been is crucial to knowing where you're going." This philosophy, echoing the wisdom of from Peter Drucker quote "What gets measured gets managed," is at the heart of our approach at Amy Stockberger Real Estate. A source code isn't just a field in our transaction management software (we use SISU and love it); it's a key to unlocking where our sales are coming from, allowing us to strategically allocate our time, money, and effort.

The Power of Source Codes:

Our source code system categorizes each lead source, providing instant access to the origin of each lead. This isn't just about tracking; it's about making informed decisions on where to invest in marketing and understanding what's yielding the best ROI.. Here’s how we've broken it down, with examples to guide you in setting up your own system.

100’s – Company Generated (NON-ISA):

Our 100’s category represents Company Generated leads that are not from...

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Hi! It's Me, Amy.

Nov 22, 2022

I have been blessed to build the business of my dreams over the last 22 years. I have helped thousands of clients navigate & exceed their real estate goals. I have assisted & mentored my agents & employees to find financial freedom they never knew possible. We have been the highest producing real estate team in SD since 2017 & I personally am the highest producing agent in SD. We rank in the top 50 in the nation for transactions sold by teams by Wall Street Journal’s Real Trends. 

My husband & I own a team model brokerage & grow our market share by leaps & bounds each & every year.  We have built a system centric, client focused business being our clients lifetime home support partner. 

(My hunky hubby & I). 

But, here is the sad truth that will make me so very easy to judge; this was all accomplished at the detriment of my kids, my husband, my family, my friends & my body. I have missed more of my children's events,...

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Time Management Hacks & Good Music Tips :)

Jan 19, 2021


Time management. Ufff. She and I have danced a lot of dances over the years. More like dance fights. 


It has been one of the hardest disciplines I have had to work on each and every day. I have read many of the great books, The 4-Hour Work WeekEat That Frog, The One Thing BUT, I still struggle and still have to be EXTREMELY intentional about managing my time or I could be doing a million things that are not moving the needle (non-money making) tasks/projects/research. 


Case in point, when I am flipping a house, I CANNOT, without a shadow of a doubt, CANNOT be on Pinterest for more than 5 minutes during normal work hours if I don’t have a specific thing I am searching for on a saved board or I will fall down that beautiful designing black vortex for hours. 


I would love to walk you through the top processes that have helped me manage my time and see if any help you. 


Time BLOCKING. I know, I know. It has been said a...

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5 Things I Wish I Knew/Did When I Was A New Agent

Nov 06, 2020

In South Dakota the requirements to get your Broker Associate’s license are 100 hours of class time & two tests; one state & one national. The classes teach you the laws, the agencies, the vernacular to some extent, as well as how to write up contracts. While the laws are different in every state, the one thing that is common in all states is the fact that they do not teach you how to run a successful business. That, my friend, is all on you. 

Life is the best educator we have & in looking back on my career, I was pondering the things I wish I had known that would have helped me scale faster. I hope this helps you navigate your journey better. 

  1. Invest in a CRM. For the love of precious baby Jesus, I wish I would have used a CRM from the very beginning. I tell my agents that ALL the time; learn from my mistakes. While I had a very systemized & trackable method for tracking & contacting clients, if I would have gotten out of my own way, I know I...
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Happy Checklist Day!

Oct 30, 2020

Hurray!!! It is national checklist day or what we call in our office, Amy Stockberger Day!!! 

I live for my checklists. I live in my checklists. I LOVE my checklists. From my biz, to my home, for my kids, my dog, for my type A brain; yeah, they run my life. They are living, breathing, beautiful little entities that grow & stretch into something completely different than they started out. They are dynamic works of art that keep me sane. 

I say the word checklist so much that our staff likens it to a drinking game, “Amy says checklist, they say drink.” It could get really dangerous if they were really drinking. 

When I first started my real estate business a couple decades ago, I had no clue how to run a business & no clue how to take a transaction from contract to close efficiently. The almighty Google did not exist in the form it does now, so finding fast tiny free tidbits to stitch together was not even an option. 

We were dead broke, had a...

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My Story

Oct 29, 2020

It’s me, Amy! 

I wanted to introduce myself & tell you what I have been up to lately to see if it could help you fast track your real estate business using the proven strategies & systems we have perfected. 

I have been blessed to build the business of my dreams over the last 20 years & have helped thousands of clients navigate & exceed their real estate goals. I have assisted & mentored my agents & employees to find financial freedom they never knew possible. I lead the highest producing real estate team in S.D. (since 2017) & am personally the highest producing agent in the state. Our team ranked number 125 in the United States for our 2018 closed sales & the Wall Street Journal, Real Trends ranked us as one of America's Best Brokerages this year and will have served over 585 families this year.

My husband & I own a team model brokerage & have grown our market share by leaps & bounds each & every year.  We have...

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