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Your biggest lead source will always be your sphere and we can show you how to stop buying leads and start building relationships. Step into the future of real estate with our proven Lifetime Lead Strategies. From creating clients for life, to increasing brand awareness and market share to leveraging additional streams of revenue. We provide the tools, knowledge, and support to elevate your business and outshine the competition.

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Gain insider knowledge with our comprehensive digital courses – your blueprint for lead generation success.   


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Simplify your client engagement with our cutting-edge software, designed to keep you top of mind for life. 

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Territorial Licensing

Secure your competitive edge by acquiring territorial rights ensuring you're the sole provider of this groundbreaking service in your area.

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Lifetime Lead Strategies

helped us serve 486 clients with only 17 agents in 2022, remain the highest producing team in SD since 2017 and currently rank #18 in the nation. 

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We provide the tools and strategies to make your SOI your strongest asset.

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"Implementing Amy's Lifetime Home Support™ model into my business has been amazing and seamless! It has allowed us to scale immensely by turning our clients into our lifetime referral partners!"

Luke Bouman
Luke Bouman Real Estate Team

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